Sculptra Treatments

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body; it forms the framework that supports your cells and tissues. Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that stimulates collagen growth and restores the inner structure and volume to your skin. Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator, a biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic material that is gradually and naturally absorbed by the body. As the PLLA microparticles are absorbed into your skin, they stimulate collagen production and those rebuilt collagen strands gradually help to restore volume.

Sculptra Treatment

Sculptra isn’t a typical filler, because rather than just filling wrinkles, it restores lost volume from aging by stimulating collagen production. We all lose volume in the cheeks, lips, temples, under the eyes, and around the mouth area as we age, creating that hollow appearance. Sculptra is better than a facelift because it restores the lost volume. The stimulated collagen growth through Sculptra treatments lifts drooping skin and restores the symmetrical appearance to your face. It can also create noticeable effects in the butt area and has become very popular as the only injectable filler that can safely and affordably be used for a butt lift.

Preparing for Sculptra Treatments

  • Each treatment consists of a few injections to the area
  • There is no downtime
  • One week before your scheduled treatment you should stop all medications and supplements that can increase bleeding at the injection site, as well as swelling and bruising of the treatment area. This includes NSAIDS and fish oil, among others.
  • 24 hours before treatment you should avoid alcoholic drinks that may thin the blood and cause complications.
  • Be sure to eat a healthy snack (avoid caffeine) before your treatment to reduce the chance of lightheadedness during the procedure.
  • Be sure to allow for some recovery time after your procedure, no social or work commitments should be scheduled immediately after your procedure.
  • Wash your face prior to your appointment so it is clean with no makeup or lotion.
  • Sculptra treatments should not be used in pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is your responsibility to keep our staff apprised of changes in your health status and reschedule appointments as needed.

What to Expect After Sculptra Cosmetic Treatments

Immediately After

Immediately following Sculptra treatments, you may experience redness, swelling, tenderness, injection site pain, bruising, bleeding, itching, or lumps.


You may take over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol; however, avoid aspirin or NSAIDS that thin the blood and can cause complications.

Within a few days

You may develop small bruises that typically disappear within a few days. You may wear makeup.

Within a few weeks

You may develop small papules you can feel under the skin, usually not visible, they typically fade away within a few weeks or months.

The injection sites

The injection site is cleaned with alcohol; if this causes dry or itchy skin you may use a moisturizer, such as Vaseline®, to relieve these symptoms.

Typical results

Results from a Sculptra treatment typically last at least two years, or even longer, although results can vary.

How often should I get treatment?

Many patients desire touch-ups every 18 to 24 months to keep that youthful appearance.



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